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Laudeo Webcasting Suite

Broadcast live to thousands of attendees with interactive slides, polls, Q&A and more. Built-in event management and editing features make it easy to create full-featured live and archived webcasts.


Create highly engaging and measurable online lessons by synchronizing your presentation with your webcam and/or microphone. Develop assessments through interactive polls and analytics.


Free live video streaming for Public Access broadcasting stations and networks around the world. Create an online presence for your local video programming content to reach global audiences.

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Solutions for your industry

See why our streaming media products are perfect for you and your organization.


Enterprises are relying more and more on live and on-demand video to deliver communications, training, and marketing to customers and employees.  Both executives and employees are creating and sharing valuable content.  There’s no more B2B or B2C – only Human to Human (H2H) and our live webcasting and on-demand media management platform gives you the tools to make this happen.

Just because it’s “corporate” doesn’t mean it has to be dull and boring.  Laudeo Webcasting Suite provides an incredible user experience for both viewers and producers.  Your audience will stay attentive and engaged while you ease through live webcast production like a piece of cake.


Video is changing the way students learn.  It’s also changing the way lessons are taught.  Classrooms are being flipped – create online lessons that students can take at home, and have meaningful discussions about the topic in the classroom.

Our flagship Education product, Synchrious, gives you the power to create highly engaging presentations by synchronizing slides with your webcam or microphone.  You can create assessment programs through interactive polls and analytics to measure learning and viewership.  You can even let your students create “Syncs” to demonstrate their learning and enhance their presentation skills.


How do you deliver something that is inherently meant to be distributed like video, while maintaining security and quality?  That’s where we come in.  Our built-in security, privacy, and access control features ensure that your internal live and on-demand  video communications stay secure.

We can do on-premise installations as well as deploy Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) to meet your security needs.


We know you’re on a tight budget.  We also know how valuable your video content is and that it should be seen by audiences beyond your geographic region.

PubView is a free live streaming platform specifically designed and developed for Public Access channels and stations all around the world.  You will have your own channel and you can broadcast 24 hours a day.

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Key features in all of our products


View and create content directly from your tablet or smartphone.


Measure audience engagement and viewership. Assess learning and performance.


Lots of features to keep your audience's attention and make sure they come back for more.

Professional Services

Live interactive webcasts often require many hands - encoders, producers, presenters, and technical support. We can help. We offer the following professional services:

Live Webcast Production

  • video camera crews
  • remote audio encoding
  • on-site webcast production
  • on-site event support


  • webcast process optimization
  • new encoding techniques
  • cross-compatibility methods
  • network optimization
  • product training

Custom Development

  • unique software enhancements
  • enterprise integration
  • custom template design

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